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This past week was a life changing one, I must say! I spent last week filming an episodic principal role on a new Oxygen Network TV show, called My Crazy Love. I truly feel as though it is the start of something big for me! Be sure to check out the show when it starts airing Oct. 28th! Stayed tuned for exact air dates for my episode!

Well it is has been a very long time since I've updated you all on my life and for that I am very sorry! This past summer was amazing as I spent it working on a new musical that my friend wrote; it was called New Dawn. I must say that this piece is very special and has the potential to go very far! I played one of the lead roles, my character's name was Kristen. I was so honored to be a part of this project and I must say it was incredible to get back into the full musical production world! Check us out on Facebook at New Dawn The Musical!

Been in Ohio now at the La Comedia Dinner Theatre for 3 weeks now and having a great time! The audiences love the show and it is fun to already be in full Christmas spirit! The costumes are incredible as well as the sets and the cast is wonderful and truly a joy to work with!

Many exciting new things happening for me and they all happened over a weekend! I recently accepted a contract to head out to Springboro Ohio to La Comedia Dinner Theatre to do their Holiday show for the next 2 and a 1/2 months! I'm really looking forward to this incredible stamina building and learning experience! It has been a while since I have had an opportunity to do a musical so I am really looking forward to it! 

Last show of Sextortion tomorrow Sunday July 14th at 2pm. The Wild Project 195 E. 3rd St. @ Ave. B! Be there!

This past week has been incredible for me! Our play Sextortion took to the stage and we rocked it! We have gotten incredible feedback and wonderful reviews! Here is a link to one of our reviews on NY Theatre!

The David Roberts review of sExtOrtiOn .... The eleventh annual Fresh Fruit Festival launched its All Out Theatre offerings with Patrick Thomas McCarthy’s “sExtOrtiOn” a complex, multi-layered drama which tackles morally ambiguous themes with a stunning cast portraying equally morally ambiguous characters. In some ways this is an odd “place” for the Festival to begin: the gay characters in this interesting ninety-minute play are neither likable nor lovable (there is a difference).The only out boy at his high school, Quin Quimby (Joshua Warr) narrates the harrowing tale of sexting gone wrong – terribly wrong. Were his narration merely about teen sexting and the concomitant extortion it often generates, there would be nothing new in Mr. McCarthy’s text and any attempt to stage that script would fall flat. Fortunately, “sExtOrtiOn” is about more than its title suggests. Eschewing comfortable simplicity for more challenging complexity, ‘sExtOrtiOn” wrestles with the themes of bullying, pack behavior, sexual identity, and teen sexual experimentation. Its strength, however, is its willingness to tackle the weightier issues of motivation and the hidden violence extant on the underbelly of those themes.The conflicts are equally complex: for example, the audience discovers – in a delicious twist – that bully Buck Cumming’s (yes, the character’s name really is Buck Cummings, played brilliantly by Seth Shirley) conflict with his bully buddy Ben Benjamin (played with equal brilliance by Andrew Gelles) is the central conflict which drives the plot seemingly dominated by outsider Donny Doirko’s (Spencer Scott) sextortion scheme and Bradley Michael White (Justin Garascia) and Brenda Fenton Flair’s (Julia Hochner) BFF-BMW dedicated relationship.Under Christopher Caines’ careful direction the entire cast, rounded out by Joshua David Bishop (the desperately seeking someone Brent Dodge), Jeff Ronan (the somewhat creepy and culpable Mr. Zee), and Chantal Thomson (the Brittany Gray Valley Girl accomplice in all things friendship) brings Mr. McCarthy’s script to the stage with honest and gracious performances. Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Caines should indeed be pleased to have engaged this dedicated cast. Together, they share a story of how oppressive systems (schools, religious institutions, the military, and sometimes the family) can deprive the individual’s opportunities for self-discovery, self-expression, and self-acceptance. Without these and the non-judgmental and unconditional love that fosters them, all hell can - and often does - easily break loose.It would be interesting to see this play without the gratuitous sexting scenes. This reviewer understands that witnessing these explicit and often exploitative scenes enables the audience to “see” themselves in each of the characters and in fact comprehend they are “part of them;” however, to witness the scene, then have the character unpack its significance, and then have a narrator rehearse the scene one final time is simply unnecessary. Already a winner, “seXtOrtiOn” trimmed to a lean and mean sixty or seventy minutes could be a b-boy slam dunk. At the ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival, at The Wild Project, 195 E. 3rd St @ Ave. B (near Ave. B and Houston St.; F train to 2nd Ave.) on Monday, July 8 @ 7pm, Tuesday, July 9 @ 9pm, and Sunday, July 14 @ 2pm. Tickets: $18 at . For more information on the Festival visit

It has been a while since I have last updated you all on my life, and for that I apologize! Last month I shot a short film called Simulation Girls! What a unique and fun experience! The entire film was shot in front of a green screen which was a new experience for me! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Recorded some voiceover work for the play Sextortion this week! Needless to say, you will not want to miss the chance to see this incredibly moving play! Patrick Thomas McCarthy has done it again! He has given us an amazing script, with a powerful story! The play is loosely based off a true story. The plot takes place in a Midwest high school, where a young man pretends to be a woman online and convinces the high school boys to send photos and videos of themselves performing sexual acts. It gets to the point where they end up meeting the boy in the high school bathroom stalls for the real thing. This play is not something to be taken lightly, it is a strong message, balanced with the perfect amount of humor, and stereotypical high school students. I cannot wait to fully begin work on this amazing play! 

Began work on a new summer play called SEXTORTION! I did the staged reading of it last November, and now we are doing a full run at The Wild Project for the Fresh Fruit Festival. The address of The Wild Project is 195 E. 3rd St @ Ave B, with performances on MONDAY, July 8 at 7:00pm, TUESDAY July 9 at 9:00pm, and SUNDAY July 14 at 2:00pm. Also with late night [10:30pm] performances [July 10 and July 18] to possibly be added depending on ticket sales, so buy those tickets!!! Tickets go on sale May 27th, I will update with information on how to get those asap!

What an experience getting to attend an award ceremony for an award you won from a craft you are so passionate about! It truly felt like the start of something! The Fresh Fruit Awards at The Players Club, NYC was a huge success! I also ended up receiving the honor of getting to perform at the awards, performing the opening Keira Kelly-Kennedy monologue!

Well a lot has happened lately, so sorry for the lack of updates! I had an incredible time in LA checking out the industry. I had a lot of success and look forward to going back for an extended period of time to fully experience life in the acting business out there!

Lots of auditions and bright things happening right now for me! It is all very exciting and busy right now! Just the way I like it! Stay tuned for updates!

Really looking forward to heading out to LA at the end of March to check out the performance industry there. Hopefully I can audition lots and get my face out on the west coast as well! 

It's official! I will be playing the role of Ali (the girl next door) in the upcoming short film Simulation Girls. It is a really cool film, being shot from the male perspective of women. I cannot wait to being work on this project in April!

A little late, but better late than never! Here is the link to the online pilot for Ghost of War S 2 S that I did during the summer. Today I had a recording session workshop for the theme song for the show as well!

Just received word that the play I did last summer "Pride River Crossing" at the Wild Project, NYC won the award for Best Ensemble Acting! This seems like the big leagues! I am so proud of all of you! Looking forward to the awards ceremony on Tuesday!!!!! It was an honor to be a part of this show, so proud of all of you!

        The cast of 'Pride River Crossing' (Summer 2012 run at the Wild Project, NYC)            was awarded the Best Ensemble Acting Award for the 2012 FRESH FRUIT FESTIVAL! Congrats to cast and crew.
        PRIDE RIVER CROSSING - "There was a wind on the hill that night. It blew with the indefinable current of change. The words pierced the charged air of possibility. The words hadn't been spoken before out loud, only whispered, suspected in coded messages. We came together to hear them, and we were charged with the current of change."

Christmas Carol was a huge success! Due to it's extreme success the project will be moving forward! Next year you will definitely see me on stage in the role of Belle. During this year the cast will get together to workshop the show in order to be fully prepared for the full run next holiday season! I am so excited to have the opportunity to continue on with this incredible cast and show!

5 more days until we begin rehearsals for A Christmas Carol, starring Austin Pendleton! I could not be more excited! This is an incredible opportunity to work with some extremely accomplished actors. This is a new adaptation of the classic Dickens story. This year I will be understudying the role of Belle amongst a few more female characters. This shall be an experience like none other!

Loved being a part of the third, fully-staged reading of SEXTORTION, the cautionary tale of teen sexting. It has a powerful message and is based on true events. I adore working with the incredibly talented writer/director Patrick McCarthy! Hopefully there will be more work with this talented group to come!

Had tons of fun working on NBC's Smash this week, pretty enjoyable couple days of shooting watching Megan Hilty perform all day! Made me want to get up there and perform too...some day soon!!

The new shots are up! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

New headshots soon to come! Photo-shoot this Wednesday! Can't wait to share the results with you!

Booked a last minute gig for a one-act play festival this weekend! Working on a new play called A Really Good Mayor by Mariah MacCarthy playing the role of Ella! 

Everyone check it out!!! This is the incredible adaptation of A Christmas Carol that I will be involved with this year! Starring...the incredible Austin Pendleton!!!! Watch the video, show us some love!!! Can't wait to begin working on this project!

Had a wonderful time working on the new NBC show Deception, starring Megan Good. Got to party all night at the incredible Mondrian Hotel Penthouse Suite...what a view! Hoping for more Deception shoots in the near future!

Talk of a tour for Pride River Crossing has been announced. They are looking at a tour of Vermont and Florida. Stay tuned for more information!

Another great day shooting for the USA Network TV show Royal Pains. Been a part of it a few times this season, and it is such an incredible opportunity. Hopefully I will be standing in the foreground very soon!

What fun it was the other day shooting the internet pilot for Ghost of War S 2 S in Times Square! Ghost of War was an extremely successful Off-Broadway play for 3 years, they are now turning it into a TV film and doing a making-of cable series first! Hopefully more shooting days to come!

Here is a review just released for the play I just finished last week called Pride River Crossing. What an incredible experience! Thank you to a fantastic cast and crew!

Got an incredible phone call this morning...I have been short-listed to the Top 10 Ticket to Oz for the search for the next Dorothy on CBC. This is an amazing opportunity! In order to win for the chance to go to the Toronto callbacks I need your votes starting Tuesday June 12 at 9 am until Saturday June 16th. All you have to do is go online and vote, Vote, VOTE!!!!! You can vote every hour so please do!!! I love you all and your support is greatly appreciated! Here is the website follow the link, watch my video and please vote for me!!!

Just found out that I will be starring in a new Off-Broadway play called Pride River Crossing by Patrick Thomas McCarthy! Very excited about this project! Finally a chance to really show off my acting chops! I will be playing the Young Female Character Six, in this role I will be playing several different characters, which will be an incredible learning and performing opportunity! It will be performed at The Wild Project, 195 East Third Street, Between Avenues A and B. on July 17th at 8 pm and 18th, 22nd, and 24th at 6 pm. Stay tuned for updates and possibly more performance dates!

What an incredible experience working on the feature film Monica Z the other day. Everyone was wigged and put through full makeup and wardrobe. It is based on the life of the revolutionary jazz singer Monica Zetterlund. Hopefully some pictures to follow!

Just received word that the film All The Lights Are On Here, that I did background work for will be premiering on May 8th at the 23rd Annual Dusty Film & Animation Festival! It is free to the public, films begin at 6:35 right on time 333 W. 23rd Street, NYC in the SVA Theatre.

Had a great time the other day doing some background work for a new SYFY channel show called School Spirits! Which should be premiering in late June!
On May 6th I will be playing the role of Cassie in the reading of Manhattan Transfer put on by Polaris North. 

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